Statistics and Probabilities

Statistics is about collection of information and its presentation and about drawing inferences from these. We come across facts and figures in the newspapers, Television and the radio. The numerical figures are called "the data".

The graphical representation of data makes the reading more interesting, less time-consuming and easily understandable. The disadvantage of graphical presentation is that it lacks details and is less accurate.

These are the most common graphs: Bar Graphs,Pie Charts, Frequency Polygon and Histograms.

Normal Probability Distributions

This is the most relevant distribution in statistics. more...

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Converting Nonstandard Distributions

Create a bell-shaped curve with the nonstardard values and indicate the mean and stardard deviation. more...

Permutations and Combinations

The different arrangements that can be made with a given number of things taking some or all of them at a time are called permutations.

The selection of a number of things taking some or all of them at a time are called combinations.

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