International Baccaulaureate Program

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The IB prep course includes:

  1. Quadratics

    • Completing the squares

    • Vertex

    • Graphing

    • Quadratic Inequalities

  2. Functions

    • Domain, range, one-to-one.

    • Inverse and composition of functions

    • Logarithmic functions

    • Exponential functions

  3. Coordinate Geometry

    • Length, slope, mid-point

    • Equation of the line

    • Perpendicular and parallel lines

  4. Circular Measure

    • Radians and degrees

    • Arc Lenght

    • Area of a circle

  5. Trigonometry

    • Sketch and graphs of sine, cosine and tangent

    • Trigonometrical identities

  6. Vectors

  7. Series

  8. Differentiation

  9. Integration

  10. Algebra

  11. Numerical solution of equations

  12. Statistics

    • Representation of Data

    • Permitations and Combinations

    • Probability

    • Discrete Random Variables

    • Normal Distribution

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