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Ronnie - Economics Tutor

Ronnie, founder of, has a Bachelors Degree in Economics and a minor in Music Composition from the City University of New York - CUNY.

As an Economist, he has been invited to radio and TV programs such as Primer Impacto (Univision), Maria Elvira Salazar (La Mega), and Ricardo Brown (Gente channel 8) since 2003.

Ronnie worked 7 years for the Math Lab at LaGuardia Community College in New York City. He also has the skills and patience to tutor students with learning disabilities.

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Student Reviews:

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Priscilla DV., Cambridge Global Studies

"He is a fantastic tutor. What's most effective about his tutoring methods is that he doesn't teach you how to solve only one specific problem, but teaches you the tools you need to solve ANY problem. He also helps fill in the information gaps you may have in your mind, and helps you to develop skills which will place you above the "average".

I am a student in the Cambridge Global Studies Academy, and my tutor helped me to prepare for my AS level math exams, as well as for the SAT and the ACT, and I have a 4.0 average in my math class now, all thanks to him. I would definitely recommend Miami-Tutor for tutoring services!"

Yasmin B., Algebra

"He is the best tutor you could ever have." "Before i found him, I was always struggling to bring up my grades, and was always stressed out with failing and studying, and trying to understand something I couldn't figure out." I failed my first grading period, and was just about to flunk again, and get kicked out of my school, then i found Ronnie, and know i am about to get straight A's and B's."

Lela H., Applied Macroeconomics

"Prior to seek a tutor's assistance, I failed my first 2 exams in Applied Macroeconomics. I thought that by taking the previous (Micro-Macro) economics that this class would be a piece of cake. Well I was wrong! I'm currently still taking this class. With the help of my tutor, I went from and "F" average to a "B". The thing about my tutor is he was very hands on and passionate about his teachings. He explained every question until you fully understand. I would definitely recommend this site. "

Therese G., Precalculus

"If you are looking for a teacher that will help you succeed, my tutor is just the guy for you. My precalculus tutor helped me an enormous amount to get to where I am now. He is a wonderful tutor,and I couldn't ask for a better tutor than him. :) "

Marlen D., Calculus

"He is an excellent tutor, very patient to explain. Right after the first class my daughter was able to accomplish an A on her test. I will recommended him to anybody."

Joan R., Algebra & Statistics

"Honestly, before I met my tutor, I thought I was going to get a bad grade in Algebra and Statistics. However I finally saw my final grades and I got an A in both classes! My tutor helped me so much to understand the statistics concepts and understand the algebra formulas.

While he started tutoring I noticed a high increase in my grades in each test. I am so thankful that I was able to get to As because of him. He is extremely intelligent and patient."

Terri B., College Algebra

"My tutor was very intelligent. There was not a math or computer problem that he could not answer. I am a much older person that has gone back to school and he has helped me tremendously in understanding College Algebra. It is a reassuring feeling that he has the patience, dedication and technique to help me learn algebra. I say dedicated, because his mission was to make sure that my algebra grade went up, his time vested was not just for me to pass my class but to raise my grade to an A."

B. L., Physics

"As my physics tutor, he helped me so much this year. My initial grade for physics was a D. When i started tutoring, my grade immediately changed to a B in no time. He is an amazing tutor, and i honestly don't know what i'll do without him. He has made me see and understand concepts that i thought i would never be able to grasp. i would definitely recommend for anyone in need of help in physics and any other subject. "

Marina P., CPT & SAT

"Great personality with a lot of teaching methods that work! Makes you learn to become perfect at what you do in life and of course in math in my case."

Carlos A., Macroeconomics Applied

"He has been a crucial tool for macroeconomics, his professionalism and well-knowledge was very helpful for my course. I strongly recommend Miami-Tutor to future students and friends. He puts all his dedication and more on the class to the point that you will be committed to study harder. He is definitely a great value for the price you pay!!!"

Fernando R., Trigonometry

"The classes are very efficient and my tutor was extremely knowledgeable in the subject of trigonometry. I would recommend this tutoring service to anyone who is looking to improve their trigonometry skills."

Louis A., Statistics

"My professor is a great tutor! He is extremely helpful and explained everything in detailed. Statistics is a difficult subject but he made it easy for me to understand. He truly helps you understand the material which is very important."

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